12 December- On this Day

12  December:  

  • International Day of Neutrality.
  • International Universal Health Coverage Day.

1930– Babu Genu sacrificed his life to stage the boycott of foreign goods.

1901– Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore founded the first dance school called as “Kala Bhawan” and established the “Barahamacharya Ashram”, the core of Vishwa Bharati University of Shantiniketan, near Bolpur. It was formally opened on December 22.

1908- Gaandhiji released from Volksrust Gaol. Indian National Congress adopts resolution on South Africa, criticizing the harsh, humiliating and cruel treatment to British Indians in South Africa as injurious to English Empire.

1947– Sardar Patel’s statement in the Parliament, “”Pakistan will get Rs. 750,000,000 from the balance in cash.

1955- The President promulgated an ordinance providing the usage of Hindi with English for official purposes of Indian Union. B.G. Kher Commission (under article 344(I) of the Constitution) constituted. Hindi Teaching Scheme was introduced under Ministry of Home Affairs.

1996– India and Bangladesh arrive at a settlement to share Ganga water.

Famous Birthdays

1721– Balaji Bajirao (Nanasaheb Peshwa), third Peshwa, was born

1872- Balkrishna Shivram Munje, freedom fighting leader and president of Hindu Mahasabha, was born.​

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